Hannah and James (Jimmy) O’Reilly Nectarfleet LTD Tax Cheats

In 2011 the owners of Minicabs (nectarfleet LTD), Hannah and James (Jimmy) O’Reilly agreed a deal to sell the company. The agreement was that they would be paid £3000 per week for 15 years and the company would be handed over at the end of the deal.

As part of the deal they insisted they should retain control of the financial side of the  company during this period to protect their income.

During 2011-2016 nectarfleet LTD took an average of around £16000 per week.

The company had around 95 drivers and owned around 50 cars.

Hannah and Jimmy O’Reilly as directors of nectarfleet LTD hid around  £10000 per week from the taxman during this time, declaring takings of only £6000 per week to HMRC.

Defrauding the UK economy of unpaid VAT, PAYE, Corporation tax and personal tax!

This came to light during a HMRC VAT inspection during 2016.

Hannah and Jimmy O’Reilly were ordered to pay back a 6 figure sum to HMRC.

The true figure would be much higher if HMRC had accurate information regarding the extent of the fraud!

Hannah and Jimmy O’Reilly then sold the assets of nectarfleet LTD to another local taxi company without consulting the people they had a deal with who had run the operational side of Minicabs for 8 years.

Also stealing a phone number from its rightful owner in the process!

By using the old Minicabs phone numbers to book a taxi (5555 / 9090) you are supporting unethical and amoral people and supporting fraud committed against the UK tax payer.

minicabseccles.co.uk suggest you use one of these companies instead:

Swans Minicabs 0161 736 6000

Lynch 0161 793 6677

Radio Cars 0161 793 8888

Fab Travel 0161 281 3030

Irlam & Cadishead Cars  0161 777 8888