SWANS MINICABS – 0161 736 6000 – 0161 707 2020

    Looking for your usual Minicabs staff and drivers? – Give us ring on 0161 736 6000 – 0161 707 2020

On the 8th of February 2018 one of the partners of Minicabs in eccles attempted to sell the business without informing any of the staff, drivers or partners.

The vast majority of the staff, drivers and partners from Minicabs were outraged and have formed a new partnership with Swans Cabs in order to continue to provide the same quality service to the people of Eccles and Salford.

You can speak to the usual friendly staff on 0161 736 6000 or 0161 707 2020 .

You can visit our new website at swansminicabs.uk

We look forward to working with our customers, old and new, to provide the taxi service you deserve.